Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Family: The GREATEST blessing!

This week was really good! Being a missionary is honestly the greatest
thing I could have done to better myself and to become converted to
the gospel. I will never regret this experience. The quote on the
church program yesterday said, "Being happy doesn't make you thankful,
being thankful makes you happy". As we go through our lives we can't
say, "Once I have this I will be happy" or "Once I'm done with this I
will be happy". We must be happy in all of our circumstances. We must
see the good in every day! As we are thankful we are happy. As we are
thankful, we recognize that Heavenly Father blesses us much more than
we deserve.

I would love to share my testimony and express to my amazing brother
how much happiness he brings me. Throughout my life Nathan has been
there to be someone to laugh with; someone I could always turn to when
I needed to have fun or if I just needed someone to listen to. Sadly I
can't ever claim that he was just the support and the comfort that I
needed but he was that to so many other people. (This is beginning to
sound more like a eulogy...) Heavenly Father loves each of us and
knows that as we serve others we grow. Thus missions are essential to
so many people. Heavenly Father gives us spiritual gifts that are
meant to help others. Nathan honestly has the gift of others being
attracted to his spirit. On his mission he is going to be able to
bless so many because of the amazing gifts that he has. As the spirit
works through him, he is going to change, and grow and change others.
I am so pleased with my brother and the young man he has become. He
will do amazing things in the Anaheim, California mission. Good Luck
Elder Dodd

I love you all, have a great week!

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