Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Watch what you say!

Transfer news: Sister James is leaving and I am staying. That makes
this 4 companions, 5 transfers and 1 area. I don't know what's wrong
with me! Apparently I'm really hard to deal with. Hahahaaa. (Sucks for
my future transfers for him)

I've been learning a lot lately.
First lesson: Watch what you say and what you think. I was able to go
on exchanges this past week with a set of cute sisters. Whenever I go
on exchanges it is pretty much a 24 hour vent session. I'm grateful
that the sisters can feel open enough with me to open up to me and let
me know what's going on.The one that I went with is a "greenie" and is a
convert of a year and a half! She's super sweet and opened up to me
about a few comments that her companion had made to her that belittled
her and made her cry herself to sleep. I know you're thinking, well,
Sister Missionaries are pretty emotional so I'm sure she just read
into something and made a big deal out of nothing. Honestly the
comments that her companion made were so inappropriate and hurtful.
I'm a pretty chill person usually but I might possibly have freaked
out just a little. As I took a few deep dragon breaths (don't worry,
no fire came out) and relaxed just a little I realized that being
raised in the church sometimes gives us a prejudice. I think that we
spend a lot of whole lives being judged for being members our whole
lives and having people think that we don't have real testimonies that
one day we look at our lives and realize that we're judging everyone
else because we think that they are judging us. After the "greenie" told
me all the things that her companion had been saying I found myself
judging and saying mean things about her companion. COMPLETELY
INAPPROPRIATE! Satan has such an easy way of tempting all of us to
combat our hurt with hurting others.

Second lesson of the week: Modern day revelation is so real. To every
new revelation that the church receives, WE CAN RECEIVE REVELATION
THAT IT'S TRUE! You can ask God if it's true. This church was restored 
because Joseph Smith read "if any of ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God" 
and then what did he do? HE ASKED GOD! I know that God talks to his 
children. If you have a question you can ask him and he will answer. 
I know that to be true.

My Zone!

Thanks to Sister James for my birthday breakfast! :)


Silly Zone Pic!

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